Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

IMPACT Australian Representatives

The following individuals have shown true dedication and love for the sport of Taekwondo and have chosen to represent Australia in various overseas events. They have pushed themselves to their limits so that they may show the entire world how skilled they are. With IMPACT regularly going to overseas competitions every year we are blessed to share the valuable experience these athletes gain with all of our members and future representatives. This page is dedicated to those athletes as a hall of fame to show their achievements to the world.


Alexa Silos: Sparring

Annette Thompson: Poomsae

Catherine Risbey: Sparring

Danny Crkvencic: Sparring

Ewen Lee: Poomsae

Juliet Contreras: Sparring

Katarina Pavkovic: Poomsae

Keane Lee: Poomsae

Kerstin Oberprieler: Poomsae

Keshena Waterford: Sparring

Kyle Knowles: Poomsae

Lorna Munro: Sparring

Mitchell Jackson: Sparring

Nicole Men: Sparring

Nina Terrey: Poomsae

Phillippa Hall: Sparring

Reyhan Waterford: Sparring


Ama Adjei: Sparring

Amber Heslop: Sparring

Hayley Thompson: Sparring

Portia Sarris: Sparring

Shariz Dayola: Sparring

Sara Guevara: Sparring

Trista Ellison: Sparring


Belinda Luff: Sparring

Dean Thompson: Poomsae

Ross Campbell: Technical

Sunsanee McDonald: Sparring


Anastacia Regulic: Sparring

Ashley Khaw: Poomsae

Bec Lyons Wright: Poomsae

Catherine Moggach: Poomsae

Courtney Tiller: Poomsae

Darryl Luff: Poomsae

Eliza Kwan: Sparring

Elizabeth Thomson: Sparring

Ellen Bruce: Sparring

Erica Stephens: Sparring

Gaius Frezza: Sparring

Glenn Johnson: Sparring

Haley Russell: Sparring

Harry Costelloe: Poomsae

Jack Heslop: Sparring

Jake Scanlon: Sparring

John Scanlon: Poomsae

Katherine Tunks: Poomsae

Pippa Munro: Poomsae

Rachel Leonard: Poomsae

Rhian Baker: Sparring

Selena Kearney: Poomsae

Stephanie Freeman: Sparring

Tracey Tiller: Poomsae

Wye Li Chong: Poomsae