Impact Instructors

IMPACT Instructors

Master Danny

IMPACT’s Master instructor, Danny Crkvencic, has been studying Martial Arts for over 30 years and has achieved his 7th Dan Black Belt in Taekwondo, a 7th Dan Black Belt in Kyusho, a Black Belt in Hapkido and a 4th Dan Black belt in Kenpo Karate. Master Crkvencic believes in ongoing learning and is committed to continually gaining knowledge and expertise from the world’s best masters in Martial Arts. In addition, he has been National Coach and represented at many overseas benchmark events and is a member of several National Boards.

Team Leaders

IMPACT’s Team Leaders are senior instructors that instruct at a program level. They have undergone over 500 hours of instructing and have successfully taken an entire program as coordinator. You can easily identify them by their blue uniform and embroidered name on their back. Team Leaders are 3rd Dan Black Belts or above, and have a vast wealth of knowledge that they would like to pass along to you! If you have any questions about anything at class make sure to find one of these friendly blue uniformed instructors.


Instructors can be easily identified with instructor embroidered on their Black Belt and a matching badge on their arm. All Instructors are 2nd Dan and above. Instructors work closely with IMPACT’s Team Leaders during classes to ensure that everyone is learning and challenging themselves to improve their Martial Arts.

Assistant Instructors

The Assistant Instructors are upcoming Instructors that are currently in the leadership program. Assistant Instructors are always learning how to instruct in the best working methods. With both Team Leaders and Instructors as mentors they develop their own unique teaching methods and styles in a positive environment. Assistant Instructors can be identified by their “Assistant Instructor” Badge on their arm.

Junior Instructors

Junior Instructors are volunteering Extreme students with aspirations to instruct their younger peers.They help both Instructors and Assistant Instructors manage their students in class, demonstrating kicks and act as a closely aged role model for the kids.Junior Instructors are selected due to excellent technique and interest in martial arts.Through instructing, Junior Instructors gain valuable skills in confidence, self esteem, respect, goal achieving and many more valuable qualities!

Future Instructors!