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Possibly be the best thing I have ever done for my health

Bootcamp could possibly be the best thing I have done for my health and well being in over 20 years. I joined with an open mind and some hope that I might gain some fitness. Fast forward four weeks and I have exceeded all of my goals to gain fitness, lose weight, increase core strength, and overcome ongoing injuries (which I was carrying heading into day one). Every instructor was awesome, and had the perfect balance between fostering achievement of goals, motivation to do better, and creation of a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. There was young and old, male and female, large and small, and multiple levels of fitness, and for the inexperienced campaigner.

There is no better way to start the year than this Bootcamp, and I cant wait for the next one! Thanks Impact.

- Michael

 fitter, healthier and stronger then ever

When I signed up for boot camp last Christmas holidays I honestly had no idea what to expect, I knew it would be a good workout (especially after Christmas) but I had no idea it would be a life changing experience It sure was a challenge, but I lost 5kg in the weeks of boot camp. Then with the knowledge I had gained from the camp, plus continued support from Impact, I was able to continue the program afterwards. I have now lost a total of 18kg and gone from a size 16 to a size 10!! I am now fitter, healthier and stronger then I have ever been.
I would highly recommend the boot camp to anyone who is seriously interested in getting fit and healthy.
- Kylie

Love my new lifestyle
When I did bootcamp in January, I really didn’t know what I was in for. We got straight into it. I lost 4kg in the first 3 weeks. I’ve lost 13kg since then, and I’m maintaining it. It is the only time I’ve ever really learnt anything about nutrition. I learnt heaps because it was taught in a simple way, not overly complicated. I am a completely different person & love my new lifestyle.
- Peter

Spectacular transformation of my kids

Your constant emphasis to be responsible for your health & fitness has really contributed to my kids being a lot more health conscious! They started watching what they eat and enjoy cooking healthy meals. They are also enthusiastic in practicing Taekwondo often to get fit! Their spectacular transformation is only possible because You & the Impact coaches have been truly inspirational, always supportive and constantly encouraging them to believe they can!

- Flora

Feeling Welcome

Hi Team Impact

My thoughts and belief about Impact were confirmed tonight: a thoroughly impressive organisation run by Master Danny who is an inspiring athlete, an absolute gentleman, and a good guy to boot!  I don’t think I will EVER be able to thank you enough for inspiring us, and giving me a boost of self confidence to tackle physical challenges as well as mental challenges.  As for the rest of the crew, what can I say…a truly inspiring bunch…Kesh, Kyle, Ross, Keane, Ewan….all truly excellent, and just beaut people.  How nice it was to be part of a club that made a 10 year old and a 51 year old feel welcome.

Thank you thank you thank you….

- Sean McCarthy & Tilly McCarthy

Role Models

We joined Impact over two years ago not having a clue about TKD, it was more to try and assist my youngest with his motor skills. What we got was a whole lot more.

Both my children love their classes, they have found awesome role models in Master Danny and their instructors.

Impact encourages and supports its members not matter what their ability and skill level both in TKD and personally. I feel that not only have we joined a wonderful club which excels at TKD, but we have also made some wonderful friendships both the children and us as parents.

Thanks Impact.

- Sharmane

Useful Skills

I came back to Taekwondo after a 20 year hiatus because my daughter (8 years old at the time) took an interest in martial arts. After ringing around I decided that Impact Martial Arts sounded good for youngsters. Boy was I on the money! In the last five years or so a frail and timid little girl has blossomed into a responsible young adultImpact has given her not only self-confidence but leadership skills that she now uses at school and self-discipline that is noted around the household. Best thing I ever did for her. Oh, and the old croc is not doing too bad either!

Kind Regards,

- Ray Leonard

Profesional and Fun

Jonathan first contacted IMPACT in early January as our 8 and 10 year old sons were interested in trying Martial Arts. Right from the first conversation with Belinda, and her fast and efficient follow-up with everything we needed to know via email we were impressed. We were also really keen on the 30 day trial, as is the case with kids, you never know whether they’re going to really enjoy a new sport etc. so it was great that we didn’t have to sign-up until the boys had been to about 8 sessions.

As it turns out, both boys love Taekwondo with IMPACT, and we couldn’t be happier with how professional IMPACT is in every way (needless to say both Callum and Andrew joined at the end of the 30 day trial).

In particular, I’d like to thank the instructors. They display a fantastic, age appropriate balance of teaching technique, whilst combining discipline and fun and helping the kids to build confidence.  The instructors are always happy to help in any way, and tend to show a level of maturity beyond their years. I think they’re wonderful role models for their students!


Kind regards,

- Fiona (& Jonathan) Wills

Dedication and Achievement

Our son has been a member of the Impact team for almost six years, since he was seven years old.  We never imagined that he would still be involved in ‘his tae-kwon-do’ after all these years, but thanks to the dedication of the Impact team, he has persevered and achieved so much.  From the little boy proudly wearing his white belt, he is now a Junior black belt, working towards his ‘teens’ black belt and also progressing in the Junior Instructor Program.

There are too many names to mention, but we would like to thank Kerstin, Kyle, Michael, Keane, Ewen and especially Danny, for all their hard work, enthusiasm, direction and leadership over the years .  These wonderful people have dedicated their own precious time, energy and effort to ensure that our son’s tae-kwon-do journey is a rewarding, enjoyable and valuable experience.  Thank you IMPACT for making such a difference in our son’s life.


Kind Regards,

- Craig and Nancy Harriott

DBuiding Confidence in Technique

I haven’t been along to class in Deakin for a while, so it was brilliant on Tuesday to see how much my child enjoys her taekwondo.
Not only does she have a smile on her face the whole time, but she seems to have a great grasp of how to correctly perform all the move

- Jenny

Inspiring Confidence


I thought you might like to hear a little story related to Maddie (Woden MDs and Elite).

Maddie attends a relatively small primary school (Holy Trinity in Curtin). She is in year 6 and there are 35 in her class. This is the year they are the big kids being their last in primary school.

Today the SRC was inducted. (All year 6 pupils have a go but all are inducted for the year at the one time). The ceremony was in front of all the school (about 320 students) and year 6 parents.

One by one each year 6 student entered the hall with a corresponding screen from a powerpoint presentation related to them.

On this screen each child had been asked to nominate a leader that inspired them. As you can imagine there were lots of Barack Obama’s, Princess Mary’s, the Pope (it is a Catholic School) but when Maddie was presented, the inspirational leader for her was……

Danny Crkvencic with the quote “he inspires me because he displays all the qualities needed in Ta Kwon Do”.

Leading up to this they had to do a bit of a project on their ‘leader’ and she downloaded a picture of you from the website (which was on the powerpoint as well) and explained in her essay how you always get them to have a go and try their best. She was really saying things not just about Tae Kwon Do but about the lessons she’s learnt from you more generally.

We didn’t suggest you – she very much selected you as someone making a big difference to her life.

Anyway, just wanted you to know how you have inspired a little girl who used to be so timid and suffered anxiety attacks to the point she couldn’t go to a shopping centre to be this self assured child she is today.

Hope you enjoy this story.

Many thanks

- Trisha and Neil Clarke

Working with Patience

Dear Danny

We just wanted to express our thanks.

Kyle and Didi are doing fabulous work with the Mini-Dragons, their patience and kindness to the children is outstanding.

Our son Jack has attended for a couple of years and still loves it, our youngest Max has just started this term and is thrilled to be finally out there too!

Your Gungahlin team are a credit to your business, we happily recommend Impact.

Kind regards,

- Sue and Mike McFadden

Team Support


Thank you, and all the Team Leaders/Instructors for looking after Steph and Erica on their first ‘trip away’.

Steph was real excited about being a part of the day and looks forward to competing soon herself.

The fact that Sharron and I felt comfortable to send Steph up to Sydney on her own is testament to the impressive way that IMPACT ‘works’ and the quality of the people involved. Again, many thanks.


- Murray Thompson

Promoting Pride

Hey if someone could please convey to (Master!) Danny how well it all went from a volunteer and competitor perspective.

All the time and energy that went into planning and organising, and all the effort on the day from Danny and Ray and Michael Griffiths AND Sharon and Linda at volunteer HQ, it was all outstanding. Danny should be commended for even undertaking this huge task and I would like to echo Linda’s comments yesterday about taking the initiative on behalf of ACT and IMPACT to host a Nationals. AND the office which I am sure has been multitasking like there’s no tomorrow trying to keep regular class awesome and get Nationals stuff ready on the side!! Well done everyone!! Collective pat on back slash group hug!!

Go team ACT!!

I am very proud to have been a part of it!!


- Selena Kearney

Supportive Environment

I would personally like to thank Impact, especially Danny, for all the support & encouragement given to the girls over the time they have been involved in the club. It has been a great experience for both of them and I hope they are able to find another club in Melbourne which has a similar philosophy as Impact.

Laura will be visiting Canberra from time to time over the next year so hopefully she may have a chance to come to an occasional training session to see everybody.

Kind regards

- Rose Mulcahy

Enjoying the Journey

Being with IMPACT has been an awesome journey for me over the years and I have been very lucky to be part of something so great.
My involvement in the club has been such a life changing experience.

Thank You

- Selena Kearny

Promoting Values

Dear Danny

I’m not really “down with” the whole Championships thing, but from what I can gather, today’s competition was a great success and as such, I should offer my congratulations.
What I am far more impressed with, as a result of attending today (to support the club and my older son Oliver) is IMPACT and the values and ethos behind it.

Today was a real eye-opener for me.

I assumed the supportive and encouraging environment I have observed at your Gunny classes for the past three and a half years was just part of Taekwondo – just what the sport was all about. I assumed the reason to study Taekwondo was to master the discipline not to learn how to “fight”.

How wrong I was!

I see now that the promotion of the ideals of honour, dignity, self-respect, good-sportsmanship and fair play is derived from you and consciously incorporated into the IMPACT program and is not integral to every club.

The encouragement you give all the kids, regardless of ability or potential, is impressive and heart-warming.

The highest kick competition is a perfect example. All children were encouraged and cheered on for their efforts. It was fun! Fun, but at the same time the kids had the opportunity to practice, to improve and to learn from and be encouraged by their peers. The ethos of the club was obvious – the ultimate winners in each group were applauded but so too was every other competitor for trying. Throughout the competition you guided the kids and refocussed their attention, offering them tips on technique and suggestions about how to improved on their second try.

This constant encouragement and support is of unspoken value. Do you realise just how much the kids get from this? A few quiet words from you have, not only a positive influence on my emotionally sensitive oldest child’s ability to regain his composure, but a long term impact. For Ollie, the direct support of Master Danny is empowering, for Hugo to witness this will reduce any apprehension he has about his first class and for us, the parents, it is enormously gratifying.

IMPACT places enormous importance on discipline and respect and I appreciate and thank you for this. It mirrors the messages we, as parents, give our children. I hadn’t realised that other clubs did not share this ethos. I feel enormously lucky that I selected IMPACT and not a competitor when choosing which club my son would try all those years ago. I imagine I wouldn’t have supported Oliver’s ongoing involvement (nor encouraged Hugo who is starting with you this term) if all he was learning was how to win at fighting people at Taekwondo.

Today I can honestly say I thought I was watching a different sport.

Some of the sparring I witnessed was so very focussed on winning at all costs and fuelled by overt aggression. In several matches (not featuring IMPACT club members) there was no evidence of technique or skill at all – it was a fight! An aggressive, slinging match! I could picture the same sort of brawl happening at the Belconnen Mall car park minus the fat dudes in the yellows shirts and the score board!

I love that IMPACT promotes pride in success whether that is a win, satisfaction with your own performance or the honour of having represented your club.

I love that all the instructors who have taught Ollie (Kyle and Keane predominantly) reflect this principle. They are the very best role models. They exhibit and encourage all the values that I want my boys to develop. They are gentlemen. (Yes, yes, I know they are highly skilled and probably lethal, but they are disciplined and gentlemanly and it is this that inspires their students not their ability to slaughter a competitor).

Thank you for bringing out the best in the children you teach.

Kudos to you and your wonderful team and I am so pleased that my boys are part of IMPACT.


- Kate Shearer

Promoting Values

Dear Danny and all the wonderful people at IMPACT,

I just want to thank you for your encouragement and support you give to Thomas.

He competed in his first sparring at the competition and it was hard for me as a Mum to watch but I realise it is an important aspect of Taekwondo. He confessed he felt sorry for his opponent after he winded him but admired his opponents courage in continuing to compete. It is this respect for people that your club inspires so thank you.

Thomas is improving at school as well, the work ethic you promote is carrying across and improving his confidence.


- Lel Whitbread